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Listed below are dates that contain extracts from some of the client testimonials that we have received over the years. They reflect a small sample of Bruce’s extended track record of working with a wide range of private and public organisations and industries, both in Australia and overseas. Full copies of these references are available on request.

We recognise that there is never a bad testimonial. However, if you require references or to speak directly to a client that will support your decision to use Bruce based on his industry or situational experience, then please contact melissa@brucesullivan.com. Watch Bruce in action here.

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Warm, genuine person

I have been an educator for 20 years and in that time, have heard a variety of speakers and presenters. Bruce is by far one of the most impressive speakers I have heard. He is easily adaptable to a range of audiences and this presentations are witty, thought provoking and entertaining. He is ‘low maintenance’ to work with and produces a ‘high energy’ product.

Bruce is a warm, genuine person and these characteristics endure him to a range of audiences and personalities. Colleagues at my school and in my district have benefited significantly from Bruce’s presentations.

Miles State High School November 18, 2016

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Direct and applicable

I was just thrilled at how your presentation captured the hearts and minds of all our managers! Several managers said “I could use that kind of motivation daily!”. You certainly demonstrated an excellent presentation. It was very direct and applicable in many different aspects of a persons life. The energy level was incredible.

Continental Motors Group November 18, 2016

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Fun, positive and life-changing

I am just writing to give you a great big thank you for the presentation that you gave to our staff during our recent offsite training event. You will be pleased to know your presentation was rated as the highlight of the offsite by the staff who attended. (And I have got pens being dropped all over the place.)

Your presentation really got to the essence of the message that I wanted my staff to take on board as we had discussed during our earlier meetings. It allowed them to learn about themselves and the people they work with in a fun, constructive way. We have already seen some changed interactions between staff based on the information that was presented to them during the presentation.

It was just a shame that we were restricted to just a half day session. But based on the feedback that we have been given, I believe that we will be asking you to provide another presentation, this time to a larger cross-section of the Foundation staff.

Thank you once again for your support of the Foundation and I look forward to talking to yourself or the wonderful Claire about the possibility of future opportunities for you to provide another fun, positive and life-changing experience to the Foundation staff.

Royal Childrens Hospital November 18, 2016

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Excellent interaction

We are delighted to enthusiastically recommend the training and personal development programmes presented by Bruce Sullivan and the Pace Learning organisation.

Kirra Tours has used Pace Learning on three occasions in recent years for staff training and development, most recently early this month and also in April 2005, both were facilitated by Bruce Sullivan.

Bruce was exceptional. He took an interest in our business and industry and had clearly done his homework on us so had a sound knowledge of who we were and what we did, so was able to easily understand and respond to questions. This we considered especially important as many Facilitators have only a superficial knowledge of their audience and business.

On each occasion, in consultation with Bruce, we chose themes appropriate to our business at that time with his interpretation of our needs reflected accurately in his delivery.

His presentations were energetic, he ensured the whole audience was involved so there was excellent interaction and he made himself available during breaks to everyone, including the most junior.

Without question his enthusiasm and positive demeanour is contagious and never varied from arrival at 7.30 in the morning until departure at the end of the day.

Probably the best recommendation came from our staff....”can we get him back again next year?”.....

Kirra Tours November 18, 2016

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Fantastic and kept me on the edge

This is just a note to thank you most sincerely for giving us so much of your valuable time to facilitate our annual staff conference. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

Thank you for an entertaining and engaging day; the continuation of the team theme and the individual within the team proved a winner. Your enthusiasm and energy were a key reason the day was so successful. Your use of humour and experiential learning techniques kept us interested and proved challenging.

My favourite comment from one participant was “Bruce was just fantastic and kept me on the edge for the whole day. It was almost an inconvenience to break for lunch”.

I appreciate the time and effort you invested in your preparation for our workshop. This groundwork, and your ability to capture an audience and hold their attention throughout the day, ensured the day was a success.

Dept Education and the Arts November 18, 2016

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Ability to engage

Bruce’s ability to capture an audience and hold their attention is the best I have seen after 33 years experience in the Automotive Business. This can be for a one hour Presentation or an all day Training program.

The style of presentation is such that everyone’s attention is focused to the learning outcomes being sought by the client. This is done with a mix of seriousness and humour to maintain a level of anticipation by the attendees as to what is coming next.

Bruce has the ability to engage an audience in such a manner that ensures the learning experience is remembered long after the actual presentation. This skill is one of Bruce Sullivan’s greatest advantages over other such Facilitators.

This is the Bruce Sullivan “Difference”. The Difference between just another Training presentation and True Value for Money.

Holden November 18, 2016

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Energise his audience

We were first introduced to Bruce Sullivan at an Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) conference on the Gold Coast in the mid 1990’s. From the first time we saw him present, we knew Bruce had a special gift for being able to do so, and decided then that we needed to make Bruce a regular part of our staff development program.

Since that time, Bruce has worked with our staff several times a year on a wide range of topics, including dealing with conflict in the workplace, work-life balance, improving customer service and marketing.

Most recently, Bruce has been working with our upper management personnel on The Human Synergistics Lifestyles Inventory program. This has been an extremely beneficial program for all concerned, with Bruce’s personal, one-on-one management coaching being a feature and contributing in large part to the success of the program.

His strengths include his superior presentation skills, his sense of humour, an incredible ability to engage and energise his audience and his obvious passion for what he does. We are extremely grateful for the contributions Bruce has made to the success of our business.

Carlile Swimming November 18, 2016

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Highly energetic program

North, Central and West Deputy Principal’s Association would like to thank you, Bruce for your ‘motivational’ session at our Term 4 Cluster Day.

Our Association wanted topics like, Conflict Skills, Positive Relationships and Work/Life Balance. You certainly covered those topics and a whole lot more. It was a ‘highly energetic program’ and the feedback from all who attended was fabulous.

Bruce really inspires and motivates his audience by having them fully participate in his activities and topics.

We have already booked Bruce again for 2007 and would have no hesitation in recommending other organisations to do the same.

Brisbane Deputy Principals Conference November 18, 2016

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Excellent speaker

What an inspiration! Bruce was just what was needed at the National Meeting of State and Territory LearnScope Managers. LearnScope is a professional development project, supporting the 2006 Australian Flexible Learning Implementation Plan which is funded through the Commonwealth of Australia. Tired, feeling overworked and a little overwhelmed by the amount of reporting and presenting required, members were challenged to take stock and focus on the important things rather than the urgent ones.

Bruce presented for us at the Australian Flexible Learning Framework Showcase in December 2005 and I was convinced that he would be an excellent speaker to re-energise us, challenge and charm us, I was not wrong!

Personally I loved it even more the second time around. I cannot stop thinking about his philosophy of life and what really matters. Bruce’s message is so practical and obvious, however the way he presents it makes us sit up, take notice and take action.

I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Bruce to my colleagues so that they, and their colleagues, can also experience his warm, witty, wonderful presentation.

Leura Cathcart, Queensland Learn, Scope Manager Queensland Framework Co-Ordinator Australian Flexible Learning Framework November 18, 2016

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Very engaging and highly entertaining

As part of the conference we always conduct a post-conference survey to see what people think, where we can improve, what we can do better next year, etc. As part of the feedback we ask the audience to rate our speakers, as well as provide comments. As you know I am a Bruce fan, but I thought you would appreciate some of the unsolicited feedback from our delegates. All this was collected anonymously so feel free to use as you wish:

The highlight for me was Bruce Sullivan - what an exciting and motivational presentation. He had the audience in the palm of his hand for the entire presentation - there was no chance of
losing concentration and missing the point. I have been recommending him to all my colleagues.

I think the conference was absolutely wonderful. It was the first time I have attended an Office Professionals conference and it was an extremely pleasant surprise. I have not yet stopped talking about the presenters and came away feeling wonderfully enthusiastic and positive. It is now Thursday, and despite having had a really busy week with all the usual dramas and a few I didn't expect I am still feeling the positive effects of the conference. A couple of the speakers were ordinary, but the majority were great. Bruce Sullivan was the absolute bomb!

Loved Bruce Sullivan would like to see him next year.
Bruce Sullivan was definitely the highlight - a great speaker - it was all positive and good.

The highlight of the conference for me was Bruce's presentation as this had the most relevance for me to take back to work.

The highlights for me were Patsy Rowe and Bruce Sullivan. I believe these two speakers brought to the conference, personal experiences (Patsy) that were entertaining and Bruce Sullivan as a speaker was relevant, humerous and the consumate professional as a public speaker.

I must say Bruce Sullivan's presentation was fantastic. He is a brilliant speaker! My highlight of the conference was Bruce Sullivan & the disco fever dinner.

I really enjoyed Bruce's session, I thought he was very engaging and highly entertaining!!! Highlight would be Bruce Sullivan. He was an exceptional presenter.

QUT Events November 18, 2016

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Intriguing and vitality filled

Could you please pass on my sincere thanks to Bruce for presenting an intriguing and vitality filled workshop at our recent HR Planning day, with Dept of Emergency Services.

I thoroughly enjoyed his session and he provided me with many valid points to ponder and a heightened sense of self awareness in relation to the things I cannot change.

I know my colleagues were as equally as impressed, and it made the job of the facilitator we had following Bruce’s session all the more difficult!

Dept of Emergency Services November 18, 2016

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Thought provoking and stimulating

I also wanted to once again thank Bruce for his presentation. His boundless energy, insightful ideas and anecdotes were an incredibly thought provoking and stimulating way to begin a new school year!

The Meadows Public School, NSW November 18, 2016

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Having Bruce there to kick off the whole thing was fantastic. The consultants are still talking about what a great experience it was to listen to Bruce - they walk around quoting lots of things that he said and applying it and thinking of the possibilities for applying what he said in their work.

Dept Education and Training NSW November 18, 2016

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Brilliant workshop

Attached is the feedback from our national graduate induction. As always, the feedback is fantastic gaining the top ratings again. Thank you so much for creating another brilliant workshop and for helping us start our grads in the right way.

Deloitte NZ November 18, 2016

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Best development exercise

Feedback from the group has been overwhelmingly positive with people now inflecting blue, green, red, yellow comments into work discussion. Relationships have been very positively enhanced!! Actually I’ve had three people remark that’s it’s been the best development exercise they have attended!

All in all a great investment in people.

CS Energy November 18, 2016

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Awesome speech


Awesome speech on friday, thank you for making the time to speak to us all.

In my experience of fitness industry keynote speeches both from here, the UK and the states, If i'm honest i probably have turned up to make sure i dont miss any housekeeping rules and regs for the weekend conference! Very rarely have i come away so fired up to make a difference to 'me' from this type of presentation.

You had me gripped from your first word and i know i wasn't alone from talking to others over the course of the weekend. Some of the points you raised rung very true, and have inspired me to make a change.I could especially relate to your Noosa holiday tale!!!

I look forward to reading your books and making the changes that will improve my life and work relationships.

Thanks again and have a great week!

FILEX November 18, 2016

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Simply outstanding

Thanks for the work you did with our crew. It was again extremely valuable and your kick off set the tone for what turned out to be an excellent conference. I have attached your evaluations from the conference – the response from the delegates to your presentation was simply outstanding! Check it out!

Kingswood South Public School November 18, 2016

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Help with our team relationship

Dear Bruce,

Thanks very much for spending the time with my safety and environment resource team. I have to say they were so energised by the day’s end. We all agreed that we got so much out of it and how much it will help with our team relationship (and other relationships). Some I spoke to the next day said they could not sleep they were so excited about it all. They also admitted that against your advice they did go straight home and test out some of the ideas discussed on their partners.

Thanks again from my whole team and we look forward to working with you again

QR Corporate Safety Unit November 18, 2016

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Humorous but with content and examples

Hi Bruce

I was really impressed with your work at our forum last Wednesday, your subject matter and pitch was perfect for what we are doing. I found your style to be humourous, but with content and examples that communicated the seriousness of the topic.

I was very pleased with the forum overall, it met all of things that I intended, which was to profile myself and the Branch Managers, to highlight our organisation is changing, to provide some skills to support team leaders in leading their teams during change, and to have a fun team activity.

Brisbane City Council November 18, 2016

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Indeed an inspiration

Bruce Sullivan is indeed an inspiration and someone to be listened to as he has life messages from his heart that will touch all hearts.
Listen to Bruce and let your heart be touched and your mind inspired to be a better person for yourself, family and friends.

IPWEAQ November 18, 2016

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Educated and engaged our delegates

Hi Bruce

On behalf of Q-COMP, I would like to say thank you so much for your involvement with yesterday's Return to work Conference and Expo. Your workshop was not only popular, it also educated and engaged our delegates and ensured that they left with some fantastic tools.

We are thrilled with the event and are already receiving some fantastic feedback from our attendees who thoroughly enjoyed Q-COMP's first Return to work Conference.

It has been fantastic working with you and we hope that you enjoyed the day as much as we did!

Q Comp November 18, 2016

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Very memorable and useful

Dear Bruce

I am writing to you to thank you for your assistance and powerful delivery on managing change at our February sales conference this year. I had planned to thank you earlier however I thought it best if time was to take its course to gauge the impact of your delivery within the Parmalat sales business post conference.

Bruce as you would recognize it doesn’t’ take long for key and insightful messages to lose their impact after any post conference delivery. Retention of key messages that dovetail into company vision and purpose is a desired outcome with any external investment such as your delivery to us at our national sales conference.

We are now 26 weeks past your very powerful engagement with our national sales team and I am extremely impressed from what our sales force are still referring to as one of the best ever presentations that they have been part of.

The inclusion of your key messages in our day to day business is still part of our standard vocabulary. Managing team and individual performance in a very competitive and changing market place has been made so much easier and positively dynamic due to the continued
reference of your subject matter and approach to change. Everyone within the sales ranks just gets it these days when we use your messages and recommendations to managing change.

On behalf of our national sales team I would like to thank you very much for your contribution to our business and its continuum of change towards the pressures of work and life. As a whole you have imparted a very memorable and useful session of information that continues to be a genuine and performance orientated part of the business.

Congratulations on providing our national sales team with a very inspiring day. Many kind regards

Parmalat Australia November 18, 2016

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Enriched both professionally and personally

Here are just some of the feedback we’ve received from Bruce’s 2011 presentations. For more detailed or industry specific testimonials, please contact Melissa at Melissa@brucesullivan.com.

What a fantastic lift to our two Staff Development Days having Bruce as part of our program. Bruce was truly outstanding!

I feel enriched both professionally and personally. I will pay much more attention to what I actually do rather than what I plan to do and keep my script positive and honest. I was ready to come to work today and didn't even mind when I saw the 167 emails I had in my queue after 2 days out of the office – Rippa! I said.

I still reflect on your talk every day when I tell myself to find that extra energy to work with my over-socialised silly season weary 4 and 8 year olds. I draw on my endless patience bank and I find a way to stay positive and my language and relationship with them changes. I am working extra hard to stay 'up' as the 'finish before Xmas imperative' mantra is chimed often. I know you would receive so many compliments which you really deserve and I just want you to know how grateful this idiot is for your insight into what makes us tick and to be reminded that our behaviour is what is important both privately and professionally.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council November 18, 2016

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Relevant, informative and of high standard

On behalf of the BIIG 2009 Conference Organising Committee, thank you for presenting at ‘The Big Picture’ conference on 11 and 12 March 2009 at the Sofitel Hotel, Brisbane.

Your presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all and your contribution towards this successful conference is much appreciated.

The feedback from delegates has been extremely positive. Many commented on the quality of the speakers, the variety of topics and the relevance of the presentations. Your presentation uplifted the whole audience and was a fantastic close to day one of the conference.

Thank you for the time and effort you invested in preparing and delivering a professional presentation that was relevant, informative and of a high standard. Your hard work and commitment is greatly appreciated.

BIIG November 18, 2016

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Fantastic, entertaining, good material to work with

We all enjoyed your presentation to TEC-401 in Tamworth on Thursday. You delivered a great message with a tremendous amount of energy and drew on experiences we all share.

The leadership circumplex is an exceptional tool and with the knowledge and understanding you provided members will be working with it in mind to more effectively use the “constructive styles” to lift their performance and the performance of their managers.

You would be aware TEC ask two questions of members on the meeting evaluation forms and I have set out the questions and members responses below.

What did you gain from this presentation?

“Fantastic, entertaining, good material to work with, lots of take home.”
“Further understanding of personality profile, managing internal relationships and the power of effective communication.”
“Management evaluation.”
“Further awareness of behavioural impact”
“Probably one of the best presentations in many years of TEC”
“Moving from Red to Blue.”

How could the presentation be improved?

“It couldn’t.”
“It was good and very entertaining.” “It was excellent”

Thank you for undertaking the journey to Tamworth and committing the time to address TEC- 401. With the time already invested and the exceptional handouts we should be able to organise a very effective transition to more constructive behavioural styles in the workplace and at home.

It is pleasing to see you continue to be involved with TEC. You have been acknowledged in the TEC environment as an exceptional speaker for many years and seeing you present to 401 yesterday enabled me to understand why. I do hope you maintain your enthusiasm and continue to make a significant difference to managerial performance and relationships generally.

TEC (The Executive Connection) November 18, 2016

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Captivate the delegates

Yet again, I am indebted to you for the continuing support that you give to The Salvation Army and most specifically to my team.

Not only did you captivate the delegates within your sessions but the feedback that unfolded over the following days was both an encouragement and a blessing to me.

If I were to capture the responses then it would be best summarized in the fact that the team as individuals felt better qualified and enabled to communicate effectively with those with whom they engage.

Given our conversation preceding the event then I would need to say that the aims and objectives that were conveyed to you have been fully realized and for your part in that, I thank you.

The Salvation Army November 18, 2016

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Awe inspiring

I normally don’t write to our past guest speakers but with you I make an exception.

The presentation you delivered to our meeting last Tuesday night was extraordinary and as I mentioned at the close of the evening, we have a couple of ‘oldies’ who nod off during that segment but not when you were speaking.

Although our members had heard you before, this was the first time for me as I was holidaying on your previous visit.

May I say that not only was your delivery perfect – your topic was awe inspiring and made me think of my own life as well. Sometimes we can lose our motivation for one reason or another but as I am now reading your books I realize that if needed I can read them again and kick start my emotions.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, I have had nothing but wonderful feed-back from my members.

Rotary Club of Redcliffe November 18, 2016

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