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Speaking Topics

Bruce’s presentations are educational, entertaining and are customised to your exact needs. Bruce often delivers a mix of the below topics depending on your requirements. For further information regarding Bruce’s topics and availability, please fill out our enquiry form, or to watch Bruce in action, visit the videos section.


How do you have the energy for a four year old… almost every day? In this presentation, Bruce will give you and your staff practical advice on decreasing stress, coping with change, maintaining motivation and creating a common language, culture and philosophy within teams to increase effectiveness.
See speaking topic Energy for more information.


A master class for Managers in effectively leading change.
See more information on Change.


How to live and work with people who are not like you.
See more information on Personalities.


Doing The Unnatural Act – How to balance work and lifestyle.
See more information on Effectiveness.


Topic one: Doing the Unnatural Act – How To Balance Work and Lifestyle.

  • Being effective at work and at home
  • Learning how to say no without compromising your relationships
  • Focusing your energy on what matter most

See topic one here.


Topic two: Leadership in Employee Engagement – How to Create an Engaged, Sustainable and Effective Team!
See topic two here.


  • Topic 1: The Farewell Morning Tea – Building Better Business Relationships!
  • Topic 2: Leadership In Employee Engagement!
  • Topic 3: The Art of Having the Difficult Conversation.
See the Teams topic.


The Four Things Modern Effective Leaders Do and the Eight Things They Don’t!
See the Leadership topic.


Bruce has worked successfully with business, franchise groups, shopping centres, industry / commerce groups and various government departments on effective service delivery.
See the Customers topic.

Emotional Intelligence

Our capacity to interact effectively with others is not only a critical competency in all aspects of work and performance but also has a significant impact on our wellbeing and happiness.
See the Emotional Intelligence Topic.

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