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Unconditional Love


The couples’ relationship can be strengthened through a variety of strategies. There is no single method for fortifying that bond, but a variety of techniques to make us closer. The goals of such ventures should be focused upon keeping the relationship fun and interesting, as well as bringing us closer while ensuring that each partner maintain their own personal sense of self. The overall objective, though, is to bring two people into harmony and creating an irrevocable sense of unity that will survive the test of time.

All couples, at some point in their lives, began as two strangers happening upon their mutual love for one another in some way. Many of us met during high school, where we had often been friends before becoming romantically involved. A number of us will reveal that we met the love of our life on a blind date or through a dating service. Still others happened upon one another through coincidence or maybe it was fate. Whatever the means by which we came into this relationship, we started out as individuals coming together.

It is important to preserve our sense of self, even in the closest of couples’ relationships. This can be achieved easily by exploring one another’s interest and committing to doing so throughout our time together. This may require us to compromise at times, but this act in and of itself serves to show our commitment to making our partner happy. Additionally, we may discover things we have in common that we never realized, thus bringing us that much closer.

Also integral are the things we do for one another out of a pure desire to make our partner happy. These types of gestures not only tell our partner how much we love them, but also show that we can act on behalf of our partner in a truly unselfish fashion. Preparing a lovely candlelight dinner after our loved one has worked beyond their usual shift or surprising our lover with a picnic lunch can have positive effects that reach beyond that of our original expectation.

Finally, it is absolutely necessary that we give our partner peace of mind in knowing that our love is unconditional. A number of couples have revealed that their biggest fears about the stability of their relationship lie in the prospect of an expected event. Women often fear how their partner will react if they gain weight or if their outer appearance is compromised. Men regularly feel apprehensive about losing the love of their girlfriend should they become unemployed or be robbed of the ability to care for themselves. As such, we must make it clear to our partner that our love is not based upon the material or superficial, but upon their character, their values and the way they love us.

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