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We like to feel comfortable in our own home. It is nice to think of our house as a haven, where we can take respite from the chaos of the outside world. It is important that we all have this view of our home, but we cannot do it alone. We must ask that the other members of our household take on some of the responsibility. This is the way to organized and healthy living for all of our family members, which results in a place of peace and calm.

One of the most important aspects of the organized home is the chore assignment posting. This chart will give each member of the household certain responsibilities that they must fulfill. To make the process of chore assignment fun, and to mix-in some variety, create a game of it. Each week, the family can gather to draw their chores from a bowl, answer trivia questions to determine in what order each person will choose their chores or play the chore lottery by matching numbers with corresponding chores. Then, simply post these chores on a dry erase board, cork board or on the refrigerator. In order to keep everyone motivated to complete their duties, use small weekly rewards or more significant monthly rewards.

Also important is a household schedule, which gives every member of the family a sense of security and predictability. These are essential, especially for children, to eliminate the anxiety associated with not knowing what will be happening in a given day. This schedule should not only include wake-up, meals and bedtime, but also provide delineation of private time, one-on-one time and family time. These periods of time can include activities such as homework, chores, games or dining out. Every member of the family will quickly recognize the benefits of this schedule, even though they may be resistant at first.

Finally, to have a truly peaceful and serene home environment, families must have household rules. These rules must be general enough to apply to everyone in the home, yet specific enough to achieve the purpose for setting them. As such, adults in the home must not exclude themselves from being held accountable for following these policies. Again, creating the regulations of the home should be a family activity in which everyone can take part. In doing this, each member of the household has a sense of ownership for the rules, thus they are more likely to follow them. Obviously, consequences for violations of the rules must also be established.

Establishing household rules, a family schedule and chore charts can have a significant impact on the overall quality of living within any family home. These three simple elements will provide each and every member of the family with the opportunity to view their home as a sanctuary, as well as providing them with a sense of responsibility for maintaining the serenity of the home. Such simple tasks can make a big difference!

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