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Money Matters – Avoiding The Arguments


One of the primary reasons that relationships rapidly dissolve is the fact that couples often find it difficult to work together towards the successful management of the family budget. By simply taking the time to discuss your finances, you are doing more than taking control of your finances with a firm hand – you are working towards the preservation of your family and your relationship.

– Laying The Ground Rules. Whether your household has a dual or a single income, it is vital that you work together with your partner to establish which one of you will be taking primary responsibility for the household finances. This does not mean that your partner will have no say-so in the financial decisions that affect your household; this simply means that there needs to be an understanding and arrangement as to who will be opening the bills, setting the monthly family budget, paying the bills, and ensuring that everything flows in a smooth and timely manner.

– Honest Communication. Just as no relationship can easily survive without a solid level of honest and open communication – neither can your household finances. It is important that you and your partner are completely honest about where you stand financially, and even about things related to budget shortfalls, unexpected expenses, and even unbudgeted impulse purchases. Without that communication, you are very likely to run into major issues related to resentment and even anger as your budget planning efforts fall apart. Consider having a quick once-a-month informal budget meeting with your partner just so that both of you can be on the same financial page.

– Organization. A very important part of ensuring the stability and financial success of your household is to keep everything related to your finances as organized as is possible. Complete organization will not only help you to ensure that your bills are paid in a timely manner, which in turn can positively affect your credit rating, but it can also help to ensure that either partner can step in to take charge of the financial reins should it be necessary. It may make sense for you to include home financial management software as a part of your overall organization methods.

– Money Tracking. As an offshoot of your organizational efforts, money tracking can help you and your partner gain a clear understanding as to the direction that every penny spent in your household takes. An effective money and budget tracking system will leave no doubts about your current financial situation; it will also readily allow for an insight into where there is room for improvement in your household budget.

– Working Together To Save. During your budget discussions with your partner, you should both take the time and make the effort to see where your expenses can be improved upon. Work together to gather and compile coupons that can help to significantly reduce your grocery bills. Work together to comparison shop for mobile phone providers and insurance companies.


With effective management of your household budget you will be able to not only ensure the financial stability of your family, but also of your relationship with your partner.

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