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Is Your Relationship Moving Too Fast?


A wonderful new relationship can spark feelings of excitement, joy, and pure happiness; however, if you are already planning your wedding within six months of your first date then you may need to stop and take the time to evaluate whether or not your relationship is hurtling along too rapidly. Moving too fast or too slow in a relationship can open your relationship up for serious problems in the future.

Why Should We Slow Down?
In any romantic relationship it is important to make sure that your relationship is founded on a solid platform of friendship, honesty, and trust. While it is certainly possible to establish a sturdy long-lasting relationship within a few short months, it is generally a good rule of thumb to take your time to build your friendship and establish your honesty and trust levels with your partner.

On the flip side, if your relationship is moving too slow you run the risk of developing a relationship rut before you and your partner have had the opportunity to really get to know one another.

Time Apart Can Be Healthy
In the early stages of a relationship it can be all too tempting to spend as much time as possible with your partner. However, it can also be a major contributing factor towards the two of you losing sight of your individuality as well as distancing yourselves from your family and friends who may be concerned about you.

If thinking about spending time apart from your partner makes you feel uneasy then you should definitely take the time to consider if this is in fact a healthy relationship. A large part of being in a successful relationship is the ability to trust your partner during the times that you are apart, and to allow yourself to feel settled while apart from your partner.

Discussing The Future
A reliable method of gauging the pace of your relationship is to pay heed to the way that you and your partner discuss your future. Have you been dating for three months and are already living together? Are you discussing marriage and having children?

Rushing in to major life-changing events can prove to be disastrous, especially if you do plan on having children together.

Take the time to find out from each other what your individual plans for your futures are. How many of your partner’s plans intersect with your own?
– Do you want to travel to an exotic location before settling down, while your partner hates the idea of leaving your city?
– Do you plan on going back to school, while your partner thinks that you both need to simply find work so that you can save for a house and babies?

The Decision Making Process
Do you find yourself incapable of making a decision without involving the opinion of your partner? Or do you find your partner stepping in and making decisions regarding your future for you? The ability to stand up on your own two feet and make decisions for yourself as a mature adult, without the need to seek approval from your partner, is a vital part of being a healthy and well adjusted person. In a relationship that may be moving too fast you may find yourself losing more of your independence and your individuality until you ultimately no longer recognize yourself.
Slow things down, let your relationship develop at a steady and constant pace, don’t rush into making those life-changing decisions that could leave you and your partner shell shocked and overwhelmed if your relationship falls apart in the future.

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